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Here be Dragons

These are the voyages of the Dragon Ship Peril. Its continuing mission: To explore strange new worlds. To seek out bizarre life and insane civilizations. To boot any limiting directives out of the airlock. And to go boldly where no dragon has gone before.

Come on in and Meet the Cast

Quite a strange crew!

Learn the Lingo

A comprehensive guide to the vocabulary aboard the Dragon Ship Peril.

Episode 1

In which we are introduced to the dragons and their mission.

Episode 2

In which the Peril has engine trouble, and Our Writer sends down some very sticky manna.

Episode 3 - Part 1

In which the dragons experience YATI for the first time.

Episode 3 - Conclusion

In which a very strange package arrives from Earth.

Episode 4

In which the dragons defy Our Writer, and Logicaavik is left holding the reins.

Episode 5

In which Alpha Draconi relates the planetside adventure, and we are introduced to Deep Space Adventures' Very First Guest Star.

Episode 6

In which the Peril gang experience financial difficulties and Logicaavik is not her usual self.

Episode 7

In which Our Writer relates her adventures in Ottawa.

Episode 8

In which the Dragons finally see some more action and Our Writer relates her latest adventures in Ottawa.

Dragon backgrounds are courtesy of Castle Trash's Clip Art Castle

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