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As captain of the Dragon Ship Peril, Alpha has the unenviable task of trying to keep the members of her misfit crew in line. Her responsibilities may at times appear to be overwhelming, but, if anyone is up to the challenge, it is Alpha Draconi.


The Peril's first, 1st officer and Alpha's 'right hand dragon'. Logicaavik One is a logical mastermind. If the truth be told, Logicaavik worships logic. She tries to operate with logic as her master - a somewhat difficult prospect within the Deep Space of Laura's Demented Mind.


Imagine that nothing has changed. Contract negotiations with Logicaavik One soured, and she had to be replaced. No worries though - Logicaavik OneTwo can perform the role just as well.


Yet a 3rd incarnation of the same character? Would Our Writer do that to you, our loyal and loving fans? Of course not! New Logicaavik may act and speak exactly like L1 and L2, her story may seem suspiciously familiar, but she is a TOTALLY NEW CHARACTER.
(If you believe this, I've a lovely piece of swampland in Florida to sell you.)


A fully-functional cyborg dragon, Speedy-Go serves as the Peril's Science Officer and Chief Engineer. Often called upon to perform tasks which would be impossible and/or fatal for a mere flesh and blood dragon, Speedy nevertheless envies her biological counterparts.
Take heart Speedy-Go. We all know that you are a 'real dragon'.


Renowned throughout the dragon kingdom as a brilliant physician, Hippocrates has not yet mastered some of the more technical details of life aboard the Peril.
As to her bedside manner... We'll let you be the judge of that.


Her empathic/telepathic powers may be imagined, but Psi Phile nevertheless struggles valiantly on as the Peril's psychiatrist.
(And believe me, this ship NEEDS a psychiatrist!)


The mighty warrior Aerfen serves as the Peril's Chief of Security. She is a master of every weapons form and martial art known to dragon kind and never hesitates to enter into battle.
(Can we say, "Trigger Happy"?)


Half human and half dragon, Humagon is an expert in interspecies communications. As the Peril's diplomatic envoy, Humagon's approach to a situation is normally the polar opposite of Aerfen's, and the two officers have many professional disputes. Personally, however... well, that is a different story. ;-)


As the universal 'extra', 2nd Shift is called in to replace any of the lead characters who may be injured, sleeping, or otherwise indisposed. She is a 'Jill of All Trades' with the physiological ability to do it all at once.
2nd Shift has been a HUGE fan of DSA of LDM since the beginning and she is VERY EXCITED about this opportunity to join the crew of the Peril herself.


The Demented Mind [everyone shudder] behind this whole thing.

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