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Wildgal lives alone in a sub-terrainian forest but she manages to keep ample contact with the outside world, via satellite TV and her cell phone. She is reluctant to trust others, although she does enjoy the few visitors who cross her path. (Mostly, she enjoys challenging them with her many guns and watching them squirm!)

Wildgal loves her machine guns. They make her feel empowered and can be used to force others to grovel at her feet. Without her guns she feels royally naked. They are like her family, they defend her. She keeps them in perfect condition, waxes and polishes them on a regular basis and RARELY lets anyone else touch them.

Wildgal's main squeeze is her tank, which she named Puppy, because it responds just like a puppy. It comes when she whistles, is loyal like a dog, and is ready to come to her rescue at any hour. (A service which Wildgal claims she would never actually NEED, although it does give her peace of mind to know that it is available to her.)

Wildgal never backs down. She will fight till the end when necessary, although she usually finishes battles off quickly by outwitting her opponents. Either that, or she gets bored, sits back, and allows the other combatants to wear themselves out.

Wildgal maintains that she is actually a nice person who loves her beer and her cigerettes.

Wildgal guest stars in Episode 5 of Deep Space Adventures.

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