Deep Space Adventures of Laura's Demented Mind



Amazing Capacity to Ignore the Laws of Physics. Usually in reference to the Peril's main engines which are capable of propelling the ship at several times the speed of light. In fact, with the use of the ACILP engines, the Peril is capable of travelling at whatever speed Our Writer has deemed to be necessary for purposes of the plot.


Concentration Pose. This is the position which Psi Phile takes up when she would like you to believe that she is receiving information telepathically and/or empathically. The position involves falling to her knees (unless this is inconvenient) and placing her foreclaws against her temples. Psi Phile will also try to maintain a facial expression indicative of intense concentration while in the CP.


Death to Anything Which Gets In the Way. A favourite battle cry of Aerfen's and also the type of torpedo which is employed by the D.S. Peril. DAWGIW torpedoes can penetrate anything - unless the plot requires them to be less effective.


Deep Space Adventures of Laura's Demented Mind. The full title of these adventures is frequently shortened to 'Deep Space Adventures', 'DSA of LDM' or even 'DSA' as these contractions prevent the turbulence which inevitably occurs whenever the word 'demented' [Shudder] or one of its synonyms is invoked.


Huge Ball Of Flame. The dragons, being fire-breathing creatures, can emit an HBOF at any time. They occasionally forget themselves and unintentionally incinerate anything unlucky enough to be in the way.


Multi-Purpose, Super-Penetrable, Trans-Dimensional Identification Devices are used to scan any and all objects encountered in Deep Space. Able to infiltrate every known substance and dimension, these state-of-the-art scanners are invaluable in determining the nature and intentions of the ships, space junk, and silica-based lifeforms which the dragons are wont to encounter on their adventures.


Piggy Wiggy Potato Chip Products. The main sponsor of these adventures, PWPCP frequently provides refreshments for the cast and crew.

Ready Lair

Like all good spacefaring captains, Alpha Draconi maintains a Ready Lair adjacent to the main bridge. This allows her to take inventory of her hoard in peace while maintaining a close proximity to the centre of action and catastrophe.

RCT Unit

The Remote Control Tug Unit is equipped with Super-Grip Suction Pads which allow the Peril to tow any vessel or other debris which they encounter in Deep Space. Since it does not require an on-board operator, the RCT can retrieve objects from areas into which the Peril and its crew cannot venture.


This stage direction is called for when Our Writer wishes to indicate that the D.S. Peril is encountering turbulence. The cameras are shaken about, and the dragons shake themselves about simultaneously, in order to create a believable effect. 'Shiver', 'Shake', 'Rattle', and 'Roll' may also indicate turbulence.


Super-Speedy Intra-Ship Transport Tube. The Peril's equivalent of an elevator. The SSISTT allows for almost instantaneous travel from any deck on the Peril to any other deck. There is always a SSISTT pod waiting whenever one is needed - although the SSISTT doors often don't open quite quickly enough. Of course, the speed of the SSISTT alters to accomodate lengthy private discussions and log-entry voice-overs.


Trans-Dermal Medication Spray-Applicator Thingy. Hey, no one likes needles!


The Powers That Be. The dragons normally use this term in reference to Our Writer. Our Writer may also use the term herself, in which case, she is referencing other Powers That Be.


Universal Medical Examination Tool. A must have for every physician on the go. The UMET is a hand-held device which can diagnose any medical condition as well as provide instant treatments for some of the more obscure infirmities. Too bad Hippocrates can't figure out how to use it.


Yet Another TECHNICAL Inconsistency. (Don't let the dragons tell you otherwise!)

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