Raven Nightshade's Crypt

So. Thou thinkest thou art brave to have entered into the Crypt? That well may be. Perhaps thou fearest there be a bit of the fool in thee as well. Likely also true. But enough of that! Thou hast chosen thy path. And so we begin.

Within this Crypt shalt thou find many of the wanderings of my darkened mind. The collection grows as my immortal course stretches on, so mark well this entrance and return whenever thou art once again inclined to venture within and dance with my muse.

The bowels of the Crypt are dark and winding, but I shall offer thee this aid in ensuring thy safe return to the blinding light of thy daystar: Whenever thou art lost, thou needst only locate my raven familiars and they shall guide thee.

Sinister Sinister shall lead thee one cell back towards the surface.
Dexter Dexter shall lead thee one cell further into the depths.
Silhouette Silhouette shall return thee to this place.

Continue into the depths of the Crypt then, if thou darest.
Ours are dangerous times. Remain vigilant.

darkness descending darkness descending
she came to me she came to me
you do not know me you do not know me
blood lust blood lust
release me release me
hunting hunting
betrayal betrayal
ode to darkness ode to darkness
ode to darkness think twice

© copyright 2001, 2003 Raven Nightshade