Raven Nightshade's Crypt


do you think you know me?
do you?

have you slept in my rath? have you wandered my crypt?
have you swam in the ocean of blood lustís vice grip?
have you hid from the flesh-burning light of your sun?
have you prayed that your long years of wandíring be done?

do you dare to curse me?
do you?

do you think you are pure in your sunís warm embrace?
do you wear a smug smile on your rosy-cheeked face?
do you laugh? do you love? do you dance full of life?
and condemn those who toil in unknown-to-you strife?

do you feel safe from me?
do you?

dare you wander the streets all alone in the night?
do you fancy that you are immune to my blight?
can you truly believe that youíre safe with your charms?
that they ward and protect and well keep you from harm?

do you think you know me?
do you?

does your faith keep you safe and secure on lifeís path?
while you hate those who fall prey to eternityís wrath?
do you label me evil for choices iíve made?
then look back oíer your shoulder as you pass through the shade

I was like you once

you do not know me

but you fear me

© copyright 2003 Raven Nightshade