Raven Nightshade's Crypt

darkness embraces, holds onto me tight
darkness envelopes me, now all is night
darkness surrounds me, i know its goal:
darkness devours me, it owns my soul

darkness is mother, my flesh it sustains
darkness is father, my will it ordains
darkness is family, all that i know
darkness is friend, in its power i grow

darkness is home to the lonely and lost
darkness is shelter but not without cost
darkness is memory, all i hold dear
darkness my future and darkness my fear

darkness is refuge from bright day starís light
darkness is both lord and lady of night
darkness constrains me and yet sets me free
darkness both blinds and allows me to see

darkness engulfs the long passage of time
darkness inspires this lone vampíress to rhyme
darkness does beckon, i answer its call
darkness my master and darkness my all

© copyright 2003 Raven Nightshade