Raven Nightshade's Crypt

the nights are lonely on this path
the days are lonelier still
as i lay sleeping in my rath
slumbering after a kill

there are times i scarce can recall
the night that brought me to here
you held me so close at the ball
and whispered so soft in my ear

and then we lay panting, love-locked
your breath so sweet and so warm
you promised release from death's clock
and i was full lost in your charm

"drink of me darling, drink deeply"
i said, as if i'd e'er had a choice
"plunge in, suck hard, i'll feed thee"
i breathed with the last of my voice

for i'd thought that forever with you
was a gift due our love so pure
but you were gone with the morning's dew
and i left alone to endure

now many a long year has passed
since you brought me into this realm
and many night kills i've amassed
not in life but in death at the helm

but ne'er have i killed out of love
as once you claimed you'd do for me
for lies such as yours i'm above
as alone i face eternity

© copyright 2001 Raven Nightshade