Doggie Summer Camp

Dear Laura,

Thank you for inviting us to Doggie Summer Camp and for being such a super camp director.

We had a lot of fun exploring the grounds, chasing the white cat and swimming. We enjoyed entertaining new friends and dancing to the music.

Thank you for making us those yummy cookies and for letting us sleep on your pillows.

We hope you will invite us again.


Ashton and Kendal

where we belong

That's right. Doggie Summer Camp 2002 is over, and we are back home resting and recovering from all of the excitement. We had a great time at camp, and you can read all about our adventures here. If you want, you can also view the very clever campaign which the Camp Director used to make it possible for us to go to camp. Our Summer Camp Photo Gallery is now online too!

- Ashton - Kendal

Rainbow sky over Doggie Summer Camp

You can find out more about the Director of Doggie Summer Camp here.

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