Send the Doggies to Summer Camp!

Please send us to camp!

These poor little doggies live in a house in the Toronto commutershed. They are cooped up in the house all day long with no one to take them for walks. No one to take them to play in the park. Isn't that sad?

Before you despair, know that there is hope for these dogs. Both Ashton and Kendal have been invited to attend a two week summer camp in this beautiful park:

Beautiful park and just some of the friends the doggies would get to play with at summer camp.

Doggie Summer Camp takes place in this fabulous forest glade in the middle of London, Ontario. At Doggie Summer Camp, Kendal and Ashton would get to frolic in the park with bunnies, ground hogs and birds every day.

At Doggie Summer Camp, Kendal and Ashton would get to play with other dogs and visit with all of their friends in London.
Kendal with some of her London friends.

Kendal loves to dance with her friends!
Best of all, at Doggie Summer Camp, Kendal and Ashton would get to dance every day to music by their favourite singers including: Cate Friesen, Darlene, Katherine Wheatley, Kiva, Susan Crowe, Susan Werner and the Wyrd Sisters!

New Feature of Doggie Summer Camp!: The Camp Director recently aquired CDs by Anne Lindsay, Erin Benjamin and Tannis Slimmon at the Home County Folk Festival. More great music for the dogs to dance to at camp!

Kendal loves to dance.
Kendal loves to dance.

Ashton is despondent.
But why is Ashton so dejected?

Because he knows that he might not be allowed to go to camp.

That's right. Doggie Summer Camp is ready and waiting, but Ashton and Kendal might not be allowed to go.

Please send us to camp!

Don't you think that these two special dogs deserve to go to summer camp?
You can help them to get there!

That's right. By filling out the simple form below, you can send an email to Ashton's and Kendal's parents, asking them to let the dogs go to summer camp. Be sure to mention how much fun Doggie Summer Camp is going to be and why Ashton and Kendal should go. Thanks!

Sincerely: (your name)
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baby Kendal

Can you say no to this face?
Send the doggies to camp now!

Rainbow sky over Doggie Summer Camp

If you have any other ideas for helping Ashton and Kendal go to Doggie Summer Camp, please feel free to email the Camp Director.

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