Douglas Smith's Murphy's Law

"Dex hadn't planned to save the entire human race. Mostly, he'd been trying not to die, while still keeping his job in the process -- two goals that, Dex had learned, were often mutually exclusive."

Jack Dexter's space-faring friends are all familiar with the age-old adage: If anything can go wrong, it will -- but Dex reckons he has a leg up on his mates at The House Limit spacer bar: Dex, you see, was personally aquainted with Murphy. Buy him a beer, and he'll tell you the tale.

Thus begins Douglas Smith's humorous story of Orville Sod, known more commonly as "Murphy", and his adventures with Dex aboard the Merged Corporate Entity ship Fiscal Restraint.

In Murphy's Law Douglas Smith showcases his talent for creating strong characters who are believable and sympathetic -- even when they inhabit an absurd world. That world is painted vividly with efficient brush strokes as Douglas Smith expertly weaves between Murphy's misadventures on board the Fiscal Restraint and Dex's retelling of the same to his captive audience at The House Limit.

Murphy's Law is a hilarious, yet poignant read.

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