One morning, Elisabeth Ruppe got out of bed while everyone else was still asleep. Her father was snoring, and her big brother was snoring, and her little brother was snoring, and her mother was sleeping through the whole thing.

Explosion of Light "No matter," said Elisabeth, "I'll watch T.V.."

So Elisabeth went into the T.V. room, and she turned on the box. She expected to see the Care Bears or the Powder Puff Girls or any of her latest cartoon familiars on the screen. Instead, a very strange thing happened.

The television screen started to swirl and twirl and twist. A great explosion of light burst forth from the T.V. and filled the room. Pink and blue and silver stars glittered and twinkled and danced around Elisabeth, and great streaks of gold and red and green darted about the room, bouncing off the walls and the ceiling and the floor and everything else inbetween.

When the fireworks faded, Elisabeth noticed that she had a visitor. A huge Triceratops stood where the television had been, staring down at Elisabeth. The Triceratops was so big that it filled the whole room. In fact, the Triceratops was actually bigger than the whole room! As soon as Elisabeth realized this, the room itself, and then Elisabeth's entire house, dissolved into the air, and Elisabeth found herself in an open field, standing nose to nose with a Triceratops!

Nose to Nose!

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