Amanda set off down the tunnel at a brisk pace, wanting to put on a good show for the faeries, and hoping also, that if she worked her body hard enough, she might be able to alleviate the chill which had set into her bones. She hadn't gone far, however, before she was forced to slow down, first to a walk, then to a slow shuffle. It was very dark within this tunnel of trees. The faint twilight which radiated in from where the faeries awaited her return was soon naught but a speck far behind her, and the path ahead was filled with blackness.

Soon Amanda could see nothing at all, but she pressed on, trusting her feet to find the ground beneath her. What choice did she have? The Blue Faeries were counting on her. They had no means of escape from the Twilight Tanglewood if Amanda could not rescue the Winsome Witch from the Tree Trolls. For that matter, Amanda herself had no means of escape without the Winsome Witch.

Inching her way along the dark path, Amanda became increasingly aware of the noises around her. Her feet shuffling through the undergrowth; the intake and outake of her breath. And - was there? - something else. Amanda stopped and held her breath. The other noise stopped also, and she could hear only her own heart pounding in her ears. Amanda took a few more steps. There was the noise again! But when she stopped, it was gone. Amanda tried again but, everytime she moved forward, she could not locate the faint sound over the scuffling of her own feet through the leaves, and, when she stopped, the other sound stopped too.

Amanda noticed two sharp points of light staring out at her"Perhaps that is only the echo of my own footsteps," Amanda muttered to herself. She tried very hard to believe this theory too, and had almost succeeded, when she noticed two sharp points of light staring out at her through the brush to her right.

Amanda turned towards the lights, but they were gone just as quickly as they had appeared.

Someone - or something was watching Amanda!Amanda took three more steps down the dark tunnel before she saw the lights again, this time over her left shoulder. Someone - or something - was watching her!

Amanda turned back to face the direction from which she had come, but she could no longer see anything of the faeries. There was blackness all around her, save for the piercing eyes of the creatures which watched her progress. Amanda was alone - or rather, disconcertingly not alone - deep within the darkest, most forboding recess of Twilight Tanglewood. There was nothing for it but to continue on, hoping against hope that she succeeded in finding the Winsome Witch before something terrible happened to the wise woman - or, for that matter, to Amanda herself!

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