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Believe it or not, there's more to Second Life than shopping! I, for one, came into Second Life to learn how to do cool new things! If that's your gig too, these tutorials are for you.

Some of these tutorials are designed to address questions which I see asked by new Second Life citizens frequently. Others answer questions which perhaps aren't asked as often as they should be.

Second Life is a whole new world and there's lots to do in it. My little collection of tutorials is far from comprehensive, but I hope you'll find something interesting and useful in it.

Click on the red text to be hyperlinked to a finished tutorial. Wait with eager anticipation for the black bulleted items to turn red - those are the subjects I've ear-marked for tackling next!


Tired of moving just like every other avatar on the block? There's no need to stay stuck in the rut of default animations. As with every other aspect of your Second Life, the way your avatar moves can be customized by you, and, thanks to the generosity of Second Life citizens who have developed and freely distribute 3D animation software compatible with Second Life, you don't need to spend a fortune to get your groove on. Check out these tutorials to learn how to create animations in two easy-to-use and FREE programs and then get some ideas for how to use your custom animations in Second Life.

Social Skills

Second Life is a wonderful social networking platform. It's also a whole new world in which social interactions probably don't work in exactly the same way as they do in your home town. These tutorials contain tips, tricks & other info on how to make the most of your SL social life.

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