Imagine Peace - Be the Change!


Really do it.

Take a moment to stop and envision a world without war, without violence and without the abuse, famine, disease and loss of life and home which wars cause. In a world fuelled by economic greed, peace is a radical concept.

radical (a) - of, from or going to the root(s); fundamental, inherent, ESSENTIAL; primary; thorough; desiring or advocating fundamental reforms. ]

Gandhi said, "We must be the change we want to see."

What can you do to make peace a reality?

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Imagine Peace is a group within the online community of Second Life which is dedicated to Imagining Peace for our world and Being the Change which we want to see to make that peace a reality. The group is open enrolment and all like-minded citizens are invited to join us.

Please check out the links in the right-hand panel to find out more about our group and its activities and contact us if you'd like to get involved.
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