Dragon Drinks

This page is dedicated to my friends Rob & David who are valiantly attempting to teach me to drink wine,
and to my father who is embarrassed by his failure to teach me to drink gin & tonic.

David mistakes the concept of the "funny drink" and keeps trying to get me to drink the strange brews in his cupboards which he is afraid to drink because he isn't sure what's in them.

Rob, on the other hand, has embraced the concept fully and contributed a couple of his own recipes to this page.

My father, for his part, now has a daughter-in-law who'll drink Guinness with him, so I think I'm off the hook there. (Thanks Colleen!)

So here they are:
Recipes for the "funny drinks" created at parties at Rainbow Dragon's Lair
and a couple created for me at Rob's parties.
(All drinks to be garnished with parasols & fruit.)

the Strawberry Dragon

This was the first drink ever created at the Lair. I filled a glass with Dragon Punch (this is the standard non-alcoholic punch I serve at all of my dinner parties for the kids, designated drivers and others who choose not to imbibe alcohol - my own version of the Shirley Temple) and laced it with a generous portion of a fabulously red, Italian strawberry liqueur which I had laid in for the Blessing of Rainbow Dragon's Lair. Very yummy!

the Raspberry Dragon

The Strawberrynna, being so very yummy and so very red, was soon used up. Much to my dismay, when I returned to the LCBO to replenish my stock, I learned that Strawberrynna was a special order for the 2002 Yule season only. No more Strawberry Dragon's until I find a friend making a pilgrimage to Italy. Not to be so easily thwarted by this set back, my friend Loretta laced her punch at the next party with raspberry liqueur and thus was born the Raspberry Dragon. I like this one even better.

the Laura!

The first drink my friend Rob created in honour of me. Very red and best served in a martini glass with a crooked stem.

the Golden Rose

Rob's latest creation. I think this one is my favourite so far.

the Sherry Cherry

Or was that the "Cherry Sherry"? Take your pick. Another of Rob's creations.


Rob's been at it again and, while some of his cocktail creations are very fine indeed, Sumaya and I agree that he is no longer allowed to name them. (Rob insists that this drink is named totally innocently and that Sumaya and I simply have dirty minds.)